About me

My name is Vignesh Ananth and I’m a Data Scientist with a background in Econometrics and Quantitative Economics. I currently work on applying a Machine Learning approach to problems related to pricing and revenue management in the airline industry at a startup called FLYR in San Francisco.

I am interested in blending ideas from Econometrics with Data Science and Machine Learning. I have been interested in the sharing economy for a while. I built a sharing economy startup called Neighbourbase in 2015. You can read about the lessons I learnt from that experience here. My current research interests are in studying the sharing economy platforms like Uber, Lyft, Airbnb etc. in a data driven manner using causal inference techniques from Econometrics. For example, I studied the effect of ride sharing platforms on traffic congestion.

When I’m not doing any of these things, I enjoy reading books about non-fiction technology, psychology and economics - honestly anything that is non-fiction. I enjoy heavy doses of Wired, New Yorker and The Atlantic. I also like to consider myself an amateur runner; while I have done a couple of half-marathons, I do dream of running a full marathon or an ultra marathon one day.